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Product Information
03.02.15 Rapid tests – Immunochemistry

03.04.06 Rapid tests – Microbiology
Bio-Estapor® Microspheres 01.10.2007

Coated Microspheres
A range of bio-activated microspheres are available as superparamagnetic.
Magnetic bioseparation or biopurification of antigens, antibodies or nucleic acids with Estapor® coated microspheres are both a simple and reproducible technique which provide an easier, faster and cheaper alternative to column purification, centrifugation or extraction with organic solvents.

According to the evidence that microsphere requirements for capturing microbial cells (such as E. Coli or Salmonella) are different from those for isolating nucleic acids (DNA, RNA or PCR products) or human cells (T lymphocytes, or B lymphocytes), we now supply small, standard and Large SuperParamagnetic Microspheres.

We are proud to offer you our complete product range of pre-activated magnetic microspheres, coated with the most universal molecules for diagnostic applications : Streptavidin, Avidin and anti-mouse IgG.
Used as capture-intermediates, Bio-Estapor® Microspheres offer many advantages for immobilising easily antibodies or antigens onto the surface of your microspheres. As ready-to-use reagents, Bio-Estapor® Microspheres represent a powerful activated solid phase dedicated to many applications (Life Sciences, Biotech, Diagnostics and much more), making your coating procedures and immunoassay developments easier and quicker.

Dyed Microspheres 01.10.2007

Among the grades of products that we offer are colored microspheres. The microspheres, extremely uniform, are dyed internally (their surface properties are unchanged), insuring maximum color brilliance and preventing dye leaching in water or aqueous buffers.

The main applications for Estapor® Dyed Microspheres are the following :
• Membrane-based technologies
• Latex Agglutination tests “LAT”
• Latex Hemagglutination tests “LHT”
• Immuno-chromatographic Assays
• BioSensors and BioChips

We offer more than 100 dyed microspheres (red, blue, green, black, yellow…). This well known effect is called Rainbow Effect.

The possibility to incorporate colored dye into our uniform microspheres greatly enhances their interest and usability in some tests and opens up new frontiers for applications in the diagnostics, life sciences, biotechnology, electronics or environment fields.

Fluorescent Microspheres 01.10.2007

Photostable fluorescent microspheres have been developed and patented by our department. These polystyrene microspheres are monodisperse and uniform, ranging from 0.1µm to 4 µm and are also available as plain or functionalized microspheres. These fluorescent microspheres contain a variety of dyes, spanning the visible spectrum from UV (Excitation wavelength = 375nm/ Emission wavelength = 435nm) to red (Excitation wavelength. = 420nm / Emission wavelength = 660nm)

Our Fluorescent Microspheres are supplied at 1% concentration in water (100mg/10ml).

MagPrep® Silica Particles 01.10.2007

MagPrep® Silica Particles for Nucleic Acid Purification
The classical methods of isolating nucleic acids (DNA and RNA) rely on density gradient centrifugation and phenol-chloroform extraction.
These two procedures are lengthy, laborious, nearly impossible to automate and they use hazardous chemicals. Today, companies focus on increasing the throughput of nucleic acids purification by using safer procedures.

Our MagPrep® Silica Particles have been developed to address these needs. For nucleic acids purification, a number of scientists have already replaced the centrifugation and organic extraction steps with our MagPrep® Silica Particles. The silica magnetic beads are positively charged and therefore easily bind the negatively charged nucleic acids.
This system enables laboratories to automatically process tens of thousands of samples per day.

SuperParamagnetic Microspheres 01.10.2007

Today,our product portfolio of SuperParaMagnetic Microspheres is very large in terms of size,surface and ferrite content,and based on the well-renowned Estapor® Microspheres.Our SuperParaMagnetic
Microspheres provide powerful tools that help our customers in their success. Our Magnetic Microspheres have the appearance of a dark brown liquid.

The Estapor® Magnetic Microspheres are, in fact, superparamagnetic materials. As shown in figure 1, the magnetization of the microspheres increases with the applied magnetic field and falls back to zero when the field is removed.
Neither hysteresis nor residual magnetization is observed and that has for the user two very pratical advantages:

• When the filed is removed, the microspheres demagnetize and redisperse easily. This property allows efficient washing steps, low background and good reproducibility.
• The behaviour of the microspheres is always the same whatever he magnetization cycles may be. Such behaviour is a key point or automated ent.

White Microspheres 01.10.2007

Standard Estapor® Microspheres
Our standard polystyrene microspheres are extremely uniform with an excellent lot-to-lot reproducibility. Those microspheres are mainly devoted to hydrophobic or passive immobilization of molecules (polyclonal or monoclonal antibodies, proteins, haptens etc…) onto their surface.

We offer a large range of size (from 15 nanometers to 6 microns and more), making this range suitable for most Microspheres-based technologies.

• Immuno-Turbidimetric
• Nephelemetric Assays
• Enhanced Immuno-Turbidimetric Assays
• Latex Agglutination Test “LAT”
• Solid phase ImmunoAssays
• Microspheres capture ELISA
• Calibration