Merck Chimie SAS

201, Rue Carnot
94126 Fontenay sous Bois Cedex

Phone: (+33-1)43945492
Fax: (+33-1)43945496

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Analytics & Reagents




Life Science Products (LSP)



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Melet Schloesing Laboratoires

9, chaussée Jules César
95520 Osny

Phone: (+33-1)30753000
Fax: (+33-1)30731780

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Eastern & Central Europe Area Manager / SAKAC Alfred +43 2236 28023

North America Area manager / ADKINS Charles TEL : +1619 596 9859

South America Area Manager / BENDER Mauro TEL : +55 2124 33 5864

Western Europe Area Manager / TRICART Sandrine 9 Chaussée Jules César, 95520 OSNY, FRANCE, TEL : +33 1 30 75 30 00
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1, Rue Albert Einstein
77420 Champs sur Marne

Phone: (+33-1)64618600
Fax: (+33-1)64618601
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114 rue Edouard Vaillant
94140 Alfortville

Phone: (+33-1)45181411
Fax: (+33-1)45181413
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Mediprema S.A.

4, Avenue Marcel Merieux
Tours Cedex 3
B.P. 634
37206 Tours Cedex 3

Phone: (+33-2)47284787
Fax: (+33-2)47273585

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Pierre HALLE – International Director
Company Figures
Year of foundation 1976
Area of business Electronical Equipment / Medical Technology

Company Profile

A good start in life…
Ever since it was created, MEDIPREMA has always maintained the same objective : “A neonate deserves the best care we can give it”.

In setting itself the mission to facilitate the first moments of life, MEDIPREMA has always made the commitment to provide user services, from maternity to neonatal intensive care, with the best possible equipment to satisfy their needs, including incubators, infant warmers, transport incubators, radiant warmeres, phototherapy equipments, etc.

Absolute thoroughness at all levels, close cooperation with medical organizations, continuous technological monitoring to identify emergent solutions,… MEDIPREMA does everything to provide hospital environments with the highest performance equipment in terms of functions and safety.

Product Information
01.03.15 Ultraviolet and infrared radiation equipment Medical phototherapy equipment
Phototherapy product 19.09.2007

Jaundice is a frequently observed problem with neonates. Phototherapy is the most used solution for fast and efficient treatment.
Médipréma offers a complete range of high performance and reliable equipment to give the best light quality, to broadly expose the skin surface and optimize the position of the baby in relation to the light source by the use of adjustable height stands.

01.04.03 Incubators
Incubator 3552 04.10.2007

Médipréma’s incubator 3552 provides an exceptional temperature regulation accuracy thanks to the Isis electronic system. Its humidification system by conducting forced air on removable water tank allows to safely obtain preset humidity levels.

The practical and functional qualities of the incubator allow the medical team to treat newborn infants under ideal conditions of safety and comfort.

Incubator 3555 04.10.2007

Médipréma’s incubator 3555 provides an exceptional temperature regulation accuracy thanks to the Isis electronic system. Its humidification system by conducting forced air on removable water tank allows to safely obtain preset humidity levels.

The bedding features and the numerous accesses on the canopy contribute to optimize the cares given to the neonates.

Nite Transport Incubator 04.10.2007

In some emergency situations, it may be necessary to transfer a neonate to another site. Any change in the living area can disturb a fragile infant, even if it is for a very short duration.
The Nite was designed by médipréma, the specialist in transport of neonates, and is a unique and innovative equipment that combines all comfort conditions to enable transport in perfect serenity.

The Nite uses the radiant heating on an incubator. The infant is warmed up faster and is better isolated from the outside environment. Noise nuisance due to the fan is avoided.

The infant is transported calmly and quietly.

The Nite is lightweight and easily handled, and suitable for all means of transport including indoor transfer, ambulance, helicopter and aircraft.
Its universal electrical power supply system adapts to all power sources in France and in other countries.

Its design enables actions identical to those performed on a resuscitation table (equipment and intensive care with doors open while maintaining heating).

Its touch-sensitive control screen is distinguished by excellent user friendliness, with excellent visibility of temperatures and alarms. The medical team can thus be fully efficient.

Its integrated oxygen analyzer enables easy monitoring of FiO2.

Médipréma will work with the user to study the transport structure adapted to the specific needs and constraints of the user service, if requested to do so.

The Nite is equipped with Isis* electronic system.
Its internal battery automatically takes over during transfers so that there is no interruption to warming of the infant. It may be backed up by an external battery fixed onto the transport structure.

Voltage variations are always compensated and heating is stabilized.

The Nite attachment system onto the structure and locking of the bedding provide excellent stability preventing the baby from being affected by discomfort due to transport.

It has no moving parts or air duct, and is cleaned quickly and efficiently to minimize unavailability times. The Nite is the most efficient transport equipment.

Satis incubator 04.10.2007

Médipréma’s SATIS incubator is totally appropriate to neonates intensive care units. To take charge of premature infants is more and more technical.

Perfect temperature and humidity conditions are fundamentally essential for neonates cares.

médipréma is fully aware of that, and offers with the SATIS incubator, ergonomics dedicated to intensive cares, a thermal efficiency and a humidification quality with no compromise to the detriment of the baby comfort.


Parc de la Méditerranée
34470 Perols

Phone: (+33-4)67504700
Fax: (+33-4)67504704

Company Contacts
Department/ Name Address

Bita Baradaran – Export Manager

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Medical Innovation Developpement (M.I.D.)

13, Rue des Aulnes
69760 Limonest

Phone: (+33-4)78174804
Fax: (+33-4)72829123

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Lille Eurasanté

Parc Eurasanté, 310 Avenue Eugène Avinée
59120 Loos Lez Lille

Phone: 0033-328-55-9060
Fax: 0033-328-55-9061


Company Contacts
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International Operations
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LCH Medical Products

7, Rue de Thionville
75019 Paris

Phone: (+33-1)42039677
Fax: (+33-1)42037878
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